The Classic Belt

Listen.  Hello.  This is your fairy grandfather speaking: You need a belt.  A real gentleman of a belt.  A classic belt with notches and a metal keeper that does its job, holds up your pants, doesn't compete for the spotlight but has its own special charm and a firm handshake.  Don't listen to your fairy grandmother: you don't have to match it to your watch or your shoes.  But you do need to wear a belt to dinner.  And when you get a chance, can you please show me how to text one of those moving pictures?

1 = recommended if you typically wear denim size 24-27
2 = recommended if you typically wear denim size 28-31
3 = recommended if you typically wear denim size 32-34

Restock expected in early December.

Width: 1"

Calf Leather with Nubuck Lining.

Spot clean.

This factory was established in 1982 in Taipei, Taiwan to produce belts, small leather goods and gifts. As it grew, the factory moved to Guangzhou, China--and later, to a modernized manufacturing facility in the Panyu District. This factory has partners in retailers and private labels across the globe. It is Sedex, SMETA audited and passed.

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