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The Timeline: 30 days
The Charge: $0

We offer free returns up to 30 days from the date of your purchase. All returns are free - no restocking nor return shipping fees. You can log into your account and start your return by clicking on your order, or input your order number and email on this page.

Returns are typically processed within 5-10 business days upon receipt at our warehouse in Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, we cannot refund the original shipping charges, if any, associated with the order.

We will only accept returns from; please contact third party retailers directly to return items purchased through their channels.

Items marked Final Sale are not eligible for returns.

AYR is not responsible for any items other than those specified on the return slip, including but not limited to non-AYR items.  If you return an item that is not on your original return slip, our warehouse will discard it.  No refunds will be provided for any additional non-identified items.

Items shipped back to us for returns must match the original return slip.  Return slips cannot be combined.  If you initiate multiple returns, you must ship them in multiple boxes, placing one return slip in each box.  If multiple return slips arrive to our warehouse in a single box, your full refund may be delayed for an additional 30-60 days.  To avoid this and to receive your refund in a timely fashion, please follow our return label instructions to the letter.

      If you have any additional questions, please email Customer Service at or call us at (888) 414-9496.